Illuminati Vodka: Building A Premium Spirit Brand

If you’re wondering what that chill in the air is, look no further. A vodka, smooth as it is bold, unique in design and elite in taste, is the new master of the market: Illuminati Vodka. If a drink could evoke a sense of refinement, rattle the status quo, all while commanding a room, Illuminati Vodka has achieved it. And with its black matte bottle, unique light-up logo, and smooth, crisp taste, it’s little wonder. Distilled seven times using raw, high quality products, Illuminati Vodka is an

An Alternative Guide To The Best Beaches in Croatia

If you Google “best beaches in Croatia” you’re likely to find thousands of lists proclaiming the “12 Hottest Croatian Beaches” over here or the “10 Must See Croatian Beaches” over there. And somehow, each list has different beaches, leaving you to wonder which list is even right. Well, lucky you found us. We happen to know a thing or two about Croatian beaches and the first tip we’ll give you is this: pretty much all the lists you saw on Google are right. There are very few beaches in Croatia

Lone Wolf Attackers; A Potential Boom in the Industry

Introduction: The Worst Terrorist Attack Australia Never Had On Friday 8th May 2015, Victorian police arrested a seventeen-year-old man from his home in Melbourne, thwarting an anticipated bomb attack that would become referred to by the media as the 'Mother's Day Massacre'. A raid on the teenager's home uncovered three partially made bombs (a pipe bomb and two pressure cooker bombs), intended for detonation the following Sunday in a central area in Melbourne city while crowds celebrated Mother's Day.

Life Lessons Learned from Long-Distance Solo Hiking

I’m not going to lie, I’m the last person you’d think would embark on a long-distance hike. You see the hikers on Instagram with their long limbs and perfect hair, #NotEvenPosing and sweating glitter. That is not me. I look like a potato with a hair-bun. My idea of exercise is dancing around the house to eighties music. I’m not exactly the poster girl for fitness but I do love adventure and am always up for a challenge. So, I thought about it. A long-distance hike? Sure, that sounds like a fun a

Living The Dream: One Girl's Tips For Long Term Travel

The nomadic life might sound like a far-off distant dream, but for Melissa Muller, digital creator and founder of travel site Girl Around the World, it is a rewarding way of life that can be achieved with hard work, planning, and a healthy dose of courage. Here, she sits down with us to highlight the fulfilling experiences that come from travel, dishes out tips on how to do it long-term, and reveals the compelling power of french fries. Melissa’s journey as a professional nomad began in 2018. S

How to Enjoy Travel From Home

Even in lockdown you can still travel the world! We look at some of the best travel experiences you can enjoy without leaving your four walls… If you’re like me and you live on earth during 2020, you’ve likely found yourself in some sort of lockdown. Most of the global populartion is unable to leave the house for any non-essential reasons. And for good reason. We’re all very keen to see the tail-end of COVID-19. But if, also like me you’re an avid traveller, being confined to the four walls of

West Africa Calling: Visiting Ghana & Togo

Often overlooked in favour of the safaris of East Africa, here is why visiting Ghana should be on your travel list… So Ghana has bumped itself onto your travel radar, and for good reason. Situated in West Africa, Ghana may lack the tourist crowds found in East and Southern Africa, but that in no way reflects the rich experience this part of the world has to offer. Thriving with personality and its own unique experiences, visiting Ghana remains ‘off-the-beaten-track’ largely because of its loca

The Changing Women's Rights of Africa's San People

The elderly woman in front of me is hunched over. Her frown deepens the creases in her weathered face as she rubs her lower back and groans. Beside her is a tall, younger woman. Both women are members of the Africa’s San people and stand barefoot in the dust, clad in brown animal skins worn in the style of their ancestors. The younger woman has plucked a twig off one of the many plants that grow here in the Kalahari Desert. As is the case with much of the local flora, the plant’s unassuming app

How to Handle a Crisis Situation When Travelling

Our travel industry expert offers an insiders view of what to do if you suffer a disaster or crisis when travelling… When we think about jet-setting off on that grand adventure, the last thing we want to think about is all the ways it can go wrong. Sure, our mothers like to remind us, but in our minds, we’re already on that beach sipping cocktails while the lovechild of George Clooney and Aphrodite serenades us to the sweet, lone strum of their ukulele. Now, I don’t want to burst whatever bubb

A Travel Agent’s Guide to Booking Travel

It’s a question as old as the travel industry; should I book through a travel agent or go it alone? One can be forgiven for thinking the rise of the internet saw the fall of the travel agent, but just as video didn’t kill the radio star, hasn’t stamped out ye olde travel agent either. A significant reason for that is because is actually run by travel agents. By replacing the human face with an interface, the travel industry has made

How to plan a bachelorette party overseas

Planning a bachelorette party overseas needs to come with a lot of flexibility. Whether the bride’s an outdoor adventurer, a wine connoisseur, or prefers those lazy cocktails on the beach, there’s an itinerary for it. Despite the varied options, however, there are foundational principles that apply to any girls trip overseas. From choosing the destination to implementing the organizational systems required for group travel, this practical guide provides the key tips to planning an overseas bache

Backpacking Namibia Solo & On A Budget

At first glance Namibia seems like a challenge to the budget backpacker; its cities, coastal havens, burning dunes and wildlife parks are interspersed throughout a vast desert landscape, with little in the way of transport to connect them. Couple that with the country’s remote location and a penchant for catering to the luxury safari market and it’s easy to see why a backpacker on a budget might feel discouraged. But first impressions are not always right, and if you’re prepared to think outsid