About Amanda

Amanda loves to write about almost anything, except about herself in third person. They tell her it sounds more professional in a bio but she knows you know... 

In addition to the articles and papers on this site Amanda has written advertising copy, training, newsletter and policy content for a variety of organisations, extended editing and ghostwriting services, and once wrote an impassioned note on the back of a coaster that may or may not have led to a free drink. 

When it comes to street cred, Amanda has a Bachelor of International Communications, a Master of International Relations and a Master of Cyber-Security, Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism. This is an expensive way of saying she knows a lot about international things. This has come in handy, seeing as she worked in travel for over 10 years, and has been actually travelling the world for even longer. 

So if you're after content about travel, international relations, security, thought-provoking issues, or literally anything with a bit of personality, contact me. I mean Amanda. Contact Amanda.